Friday, 4 September 2015

How To Make A No-Sew Baby Hat Photography Prop

There is nothing cuter than photographing your newborn and baby clients in props, but sometimes the cost can add up.  Whilst it's great to be able to spend on props when you are an established photographer (expenses, tax man, wink-wink), but how do you build up your prop supplies when you are just starting out?

In this tutorial I show you how you can make a top knot hat with absolutely no sewing!

You will need

A pair of scissors
Long sleeve t-shirt - adult size

Step 1

Iron your sleeve (I didn't because, well, my ironing table currently has piles of "important stuff" on it)

Step 2

Cut your sleeve as straight as you can near the armpit end.  You do not have to be too neat.

The great thing about jersey (t-shirt material) is, it doesn't fray!  In fact, if you stretch it, it will ping back into a neatly rolled edge!

Step 3

Tie a knot in it!

If your edge isn't looking that neat, you can roll it upwards a few times when it is in position on baby.

The larger the t-shirt size, the larger the baby it will fit.

So next time you are panicking you don't have any new props for your next session, or you have twins booked in your diary, head down to your nearest charity shop and snap up all their funky t-shirts!

I hope you enjoy this tutorial and perhaps have a go at making some for your photography studio - if I can do it, you definitely can!  Please show me any images you take!

PS - for all those who ask after every tutorial, I photograph on one of our wooden floor backdrops - you can find the design here

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