Saturday, 5 September 2015

Interview With Photography by Axsys Design

Bianca from Photography by Axsys Design is another one of my favourite photographers. It doesn't matter whether she's shooting maternity or newborns, with props or neutral, her images are always beautiful to look at.

I asked her to give me an insight into how and why she likes using props

Do you have a favorite color you look for when choosing props?
For the most part I LOVE neutrals. But every once in a while I find myself in a color phase.. But NOT bright.. I prefer more muted.


Are there any colors you tend to avoid in your sessions? hmmm... bright colors and stark white


Do you have a favorite age to photograph with props? I specialize in Newborns and only shoot up to a year old. So I use props for all sessions.

How many times would you use the same prop before consigning it to the back of your prop stash? I usually use an accessory (hats, outfits, headbands, etc) once or twice... unless it's a fave then I will hoard it and use it a lot. As for actual props I don't really have a limit.. when I get sick of it I may change it up.

 Beanie by me

Tieback by me
Do you have any tips on using props in photography? The image should show off the baby and NOT the prop. Keep it simple.

How do you decide what props you are going to use at each session? 
For the most part (like 99.9% of the time) my clients give me creative liberty and I pick out everything.

Which photographers influence you? Kelly Ryden Alli Peck with Glow Portraits -- LOVE her maternity

Whose work do you love? Luisa Dunn Photography Erin Elizabeth Photography

Thank you so much for your time Bianca, and I can't tell you how hard I found it to narrow down the selection of your images to showcase!

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