Tuesday, 26 May 2015

What Influences My Makes

I just had a bit of a revelation. 
When I was least expecting it. 
When I should have been planning what to cook the family for tea. 

We have spent the last few weeks renovating our home - and now that the living room area is almost finished, we want to update some of our artwork on the walls.

I have grown tired of the pebble prints we've lived with for the past 10 years.

So when Mr Hubby asked if I had any thoughts on what to have, I immediately thought of when I was growing up, my parents had prints on the walls by Alphonse Mucha. 

We had this print in the living room and it stirs all kinds of snatches of memories from my childhood.

Like this Christmas where I am clearly having the best time of my life with my Dad.

I am a child of the Seventies

I knew I was going to have to be careful with the images I presented to Mr Hubby to avoid getting an automatic resounding "No! What are you mad?" response. 

So I did a google image search for Mucha images 

And as I scrolled through the beautiful Art Nouveau images, something about them struck me. 


Look what they are all wearing on their heads. 

Now take a look what I have been crafting recently for photographers to use in their sessions.

Which makes me wonder just how much influence do forgotten memories from our childhoods have over us in our everyday adult lives? Is it just coincidence that I am always drawn to colour, to flowers, to pretty and floaty things? Or is it because that was what was contained in the artwork that I can remember standing in front of and staring at when I was a child?

(It also makes me wonder how my pebble images will have influenced my son's future ....)

What or who influences you?  Leave a comment - I'd love to hear!

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UPDATE : Mr Hubby said no.