Thursday, 27 August 2015

Interview With Tiny Posers Photography

You've probably realised that my style is quite colourful ... but that's not to say I don't appreciate calm and neutral too!

When I first saw this image taken by Kristina at Tiny Posers, I fell in love with her work instantly. 
I adore her work with newborns - I love the simplicity and crispness of her images.

I knew I wanted to feature her on my blog, so I asked her to answer my interview questions

Your photographic style is very clean, crisp and natural - how do you choose props to compliment this look?

I want the viewer to see a baby, not a prop. I want my photographs to be ‘quiet’ so one could hear and feel the emotion, the heartbeat of a new life. 

When I am choosing my props I try to make sure that they will not attract the viewer’s eye and that  the baby will still be the most powerful thing in photograph. 

Do you have a favourite colour you look for when choosing props? 

I like neutral and calming tones; whites, greys, browns. I have a few light pink blankets, but they are very ‘mellow’ too. 

Are there any colours you tend to avoid in your sessions? 

I don’t have anything that is bright or colourful. 

Do you prefer one kind of prop over another? 

I love my blankets and wraps. These are the two things that I could not work without. 

I prefer tiebacks over headbands, for me they are quicker to put on and less chance that I will disturb the baby.

I do not use rompers or any other clothing for my newborns. However, I do love them for older babies. 

How many times would you use the same prop before consigning it to the back of your prop stash? 

Over and over again. I use the same props all the time until they are finished. I tend not to keep stuff that I don’t love and if I love, I don’t get bored of it. I am not the best client for prop makers :)

How important is the price of a prop to you? 

If I love something, I’m not usually that bothered about the price. As long as it is sensible of course. 

What do you look for when buying props? 

I look for textures, little details,  always try to find something unique and always minimal.

Can we see some photos of your prop storage area and studio? 

Do you have any tips on using props in photography? 

I always recommend not to over prop in the first place and try to make sure that your chosen props match. Also, make sure props don’t look too big or too small; tuck in props that are too big and pull the small ones.   

How do you decide what props you are going to use in each session? Do you have setups already in place or do you chat with your clients beforehand? 

My clients come to me because of my style, so they all know what to expect from their session. I also ask clients if there are any props and colours that they really want me to use during their session. I spend some time before a session to prepare, to coordinate colours, to find the best matches for textures and to choose all the props that I will use.  I always have set ups ready when clients arrive. (I attached examples of my set ups)

What is your absolute most favourite image in your portfolio and why? 

Good question :) I think I have a few. My most favourites are the ones where baby is simply wrapped up or just curled up and is laying on his or her back . I also love black and whites on a black background. I feel that these images will never date. The are classic, they capture delicate new beings in the purest way.  

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in the area of newborn photography? 

Do not spend all your money on props. I think often new photographers buy more than they ever need. I would recommend a large beanbag, 2-3 blankets,  matching wraps, hats and tiebacks. For me this is a very good starting point. It is easy to lose your head and to buy lots and lots, but I don’t think it is necessary at all.

Which photographers influence you? Whose work do you love? 

One of my very very favourite people in this industry is Bruno Aveillan. I love his work, I could spend all day looking at it. I would love to see the world the way he sees it.  He is my biggest inspiration. I also love Annie Leibovitz’s work, her ability to capture a soul. 

There are a lot of good newborn photographers now, anything that is uncluttered with props, white and natural is up my street. 

Thank you so much Kristina, and I have complete studio envy!

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