Sunday, 20 September 2015

How To Make A Lace Crown Photography Prop

Lace crowns look great perched on a newborn baby's head, on top of a toddler's head as well as worn by an older child.

Choose some really elaborate lace, or stick to plain and simple, and follow my tutorial to make your photography studio some new props!

You will need

1. Fabric Stiffener
2. Foil or a surface you don't mind getting messy
3. Lace
4. Tape Measure
5. Paint Brush
6. Scissors
7. Hot Glue Gun or fabric glue

Step 1

Decide the circumference you want your crown to be and cut your lace with an extra inch to spare.

Step 2 

Place your cut lace onto your foil or other working surface and liberally coat with the fabric stiffener.  Use your brush to work it right into all the holes.  Turn over and make sure both sides are completely covered.

Wash your brush out thoroughly when finished if you want to use it again!  

Step 3

Leave to dry for several hours - ideally overnight on top of a radiator or in your airing cupboard, keeping it as flat as possible

Step 4

Once your lace is completely dry and stiff, overlap at the back using the excess you left.
Matching up any pattern, glue in place

Step 5

Place on your model's head!

With thanks to Twirly Girl Photography for these fantastic photographs showing the crown in use!

I hope you enjoy this tutorial and perhaps have a go at making some for your photography studio - if I can do it, you definitely can!  Please show me any images you take!

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