Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Christmas Photography Setup Ideas and Inspiration

Christmas is an excellent time of year for photographers with studios to pull in clients by offering mini-sessions.

Don't have a studio?  Hire a local village hall for the day and advertise locally.

You don't have to spend a fortune to produce some fun Christmas images that you can then sell to your clients as Christmas cards for example.

For this session, I purchased some red and white stripy leggings from ebay, used my flokati rug and some white fairy lights - with a white cable - and shot at about F3.5 to get the lights out of focus.

Achieve this look with my backdrop design WHITEFLOOR02 (here)

Using the same set up for this older child. I made a knitted hat, and hung some plastic baubles from my own collection at home onto a twiggy branch and added some christmas present decorations.  You could easily wrap some empty boxes in plain wrapping paper with ribbon to co-ordinate with your set.

When using christmas decorations, choose ones that have a matt, fabric or glitter finish to avoid reflections of studio lighting equipment.  Also make sure they are non-breakable in case little ones decide to throw them or place in their mouth etc.

For this image during the same session, I quickly added a plain paper backdrop with some plastic candy canes glued in place and let the child have some to hold and play with.

For this mini session I sellotaped my lights to my backdrop instead of having them in a pile on the floor and switched the knitted hat for some fun reindeer antlers!

If you don't want to use fairy lights, you could use one of my bokeh backdrops instead

For this image of Father Christmas giving the child a decoration, I cut the end off a cheap Santa hat from a pound shop and then asked mum to wear it as a sleeve!  You could do this with 2 hats and then have Santa give the child a present instead.

I knew at some point I was going to have to photograph babies that couldn't sit as part of my mini sessions, so I took some sky coloured background paper and made this backdrop from wadding material, buttons and black fabric, glued everything in place and shot overhead.  

I can't remember where I got the plastic snowflakes from, but if you can't find anything similar, glue some cotton wool balls for snowflakes, or make some the old fashioned way out of folded paper!

Those are just some of my own images from mini sessions I held, but to give you even more ideas and inspiration, I have created a Pinterest Board here

Please also look at my album of Christmas Backdrop Designs to get even more ideas! here

Not sure how to price a mini session?  Read my blog post here

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